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Dean's Office of Southwest Jiaotong University
999 Xian Rd Xipu Town Pixian
Chengdu, China 611756

Phone: +86-28-66366250
Fax: +86-28-66366240
Email: jiaowu@home.swjtu.edu.cn

Office of Quality & Assessment

i. The Office enhances quality management, strengthens standardized teaching system, establishes and improves monitoring and guarantee system of teaching quality of the university;
ii. The office sets up monitoring mechanism of undergraduate quality in schools(departments) and university and manages contact between schools, departments and supervision team of the university as well as its daily routine;
iii. The office is in charge of monitoring and evaluation of undergraduate teaching quality;
iv. The office conducts systematic, regular evaluation and teaching performance assessment on subunits of schools(departments), institutes and research centers;
v. The office carries out assessmentonundergraduate teaching, majors and courses;
vi. The office is in charge of building and managing undergraduate tutors teams;
vii. The office is responsible for doing fundamental work of Undergraduate Teaching Assessment.

Teaching Research Section
i. The section manages cultivating programs for undergraduate students;
ii. The section makes directional teaching plans and executive plans of each semester;
iii. The section investigates and researches educational and teaching problems;
iv. The section carries out all-level educational and teaching research;
v. The section manages the education research fund of the university;
vi. The sectiontakes charge of the application of Teaching Achievement Prize, including the quadrennial national prize and biennial provincial prize;
vii. The section administers majors construction and adjustments;
viii. The section is responsible for the construction of key courses and top-quality courses of all levels;
ix. The section organizes teaching communications, popularizes teaching experience and offers advice for teaching;
x. The section carries out the routine maintenance and improvements of the teaching research website;
xi. The section compiles teaching annual.
Textbook Research Section
i. The section manages the textbook construction fund;
ii. The sectionorganizes the application of National Excellent Textbook Prize and the selection of the university’s excellent textbook prize;
iii. The section organizes textbook construction approvals of all levels and supervises the writing progress and quality and these approved textbooks;
iv. The section carries out textbook assessment, improves textbook-choice system and ensures first-class textbooks used;
v. The section makes annual textbooks publishing plans and coordinates their publishing;
vi. The sectionis in charge of administrative affairs of teaching steering committee of all levels;
vii. The sectiontakes charge of main work of Sichuan Professional Textbook ConstructionCommittee;
viii. The section carries out routine maintenance and improvement of textbookmanagement information system;
ix. The section organizes communication about textbook construction and popularizes those quality textbooks;
x. The section carries out printing management ofteachers’ handouts and accounting the workload.
Textbook Service Center
i. The Center takes “serve teaching and students” as its aim and provides high quality service of textbooks supply;
ii. The center, subordinate to the Dean’s Office, carries out commercialized management of public institutions;
iii. The center strictly enforces bid invitation system of textbooks order;
iv. The center makes plans for each semester’s textbook use according to executive teaching plans;
v. The center orders and provides textbooks for all-level students and teachers;
vi. The center conducts sales of printed handouts;
vii. The center adopts computerized management of textbooks and actively offers advisory services about textbooks;
viii. The center’s responsibility also includes management and ensuring security of the textbook storehouse.
Teaching Affairs Section

i. Student status management concerning enrollment of freshmen as well as information, change and report of student records;
ii. Diploma and certificates management;
iii. Score management covering management on score change and record, student records, graduate qualification review, graduate’s recorded scores as well as transcripts for studying abroad;
iv. Electronic register consisting of electronic register of freshmen, register of graduate diploma and image acquisition;
v. Construction of teaching information platform and management of teaching information;
vi. Management of second degree, second major and minor;
vii. Management of overseas students in their student records and scores;
viii. Management of refresher courses, namely, relevant formalities for external teachers to take refresher courses in our university.

Practice Teaching Section
The main duties of the section involve:
i. Management of practice teaching process concerning internship, course design and graduation project (thesis), etc.;
ii. Construction and management of practice teaching bases;
iii. Construction and management of innovation education bases;
iv.Organization of extracurricular science & technology activities and competitions;
v. Management of internship expenditure.
Course Scheduling & Examination Section

i. The section conducts teaching scheduling;
ii. The section manages and coordinates course selection of undergraduates;
iii. The section completes register after tuition payment for selected courses in accordance with students’ credits;
iv. The section conducts examination management;
v. The section evaluates teaching workload of schools in accordance with undergraduate teaching progress.